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What is Alcohol Abuse?

Alcohol is easy to buy by anyone over the legal age limit in their country around the world and drinking alcohol is socially acceptable in many different nations. Most social drinkers do not understand that they could be placing themselves at as much danger of having long term health dangers as alcoholics and binge drinkers.

Alcohol Dependence

Alcohol addiction happens when an individual drinks too much too frequent and the body becomes reliant on it. Individuals with alcohol addiction will drink alcohol although they understand it can bring them damage, even death. A really small list of the bad health impacts include: high blood pressure, heart disease and cancer.

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Mental Health

While others drink to simply savour the taste, a lot more people drink so that they can hide from realities of their circumstances caused by too much mental and emotional stress. In most cases, alcohol is consumed in a set up with social interactions and is usually used to boost self esteem and recreation. Other reasons people take alcohol is being lonely or bowing to peer pressure.

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Signs Of Alcoholism

Knowledge of when a person is addicted to alcohol can be quite challenging. Since taking alcohol is becoming a norm in the society, an individual can become addicted to alcohol without the knowledge of loved ones. However, an individual addicted to alcohol will keep taking alcohol nonstop with no regards to the problems associated with such behaviour. Some signs of alcohol addiction include taking alcohol quite early in the day and taking alcohol in a secluded place so as to avoid detection.

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Effects of Alcohol Addiction

Denial is one of the alcohol abusers biggest hurdles as it puts a halt to any chance of recovery. It is often hard for the abuser to realise he has a problem when his behaviour is perceived to be the same as his peers.Some can see no real success in changing their ways so they refuse to believe they have a problem. Denial can be a self defence mechanism employed by the brain so they do not have to accept they have a serious problem.

Alcohol And The Brain

The type of alcohol you have consumed, your metabolic rate as well as what you have eaten, gender, how much you weigh and your age all factors that would determine the quantity of alcohol you should drink before it affects your driving ability. Alcohol causes your brain to slow. You have a sluggish response rate because information processing like messages for the eyes to the brain and the same message from the brain to the muscles is affected.

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Alcohol And Drugs

Combining drugs and alcohol is a serious hazard as there is no way of anticipating the effects. A common combination is taking alcohol along with a depressant to provide relaxation and then having cocaine which is a stimulant to fire your system up. The resulting chemical reaction is highly dangerous and could lead to seizures, possible cardiac arrest and even immediate death.

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Alcohol Poisoning

Alcohol is a toxic and if consumed too much too often in short period of time your organs will work hard to digest it and slowly it caused organ damages. The nervous system in your heart and lungs can be damaged and slowly stop working. If it gets worse, dehydration can cause permanent brain damage

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About Misuse of Alcohol

A good number of individuals begin drinking out of curiosity or because their guardians are regular drinkers, while others prefer the manner it makes them feel. Peer pressure, ease of acquiring it, drinking to alleviate stress are some more normal explanations why individuals can begin the behaviour of drinking.

Treating Alcoholism

In the UK, binge drinking, which is the consumption of a lot of alcohol in a short while, is quite commonplace. Binge drinking can result in a lifetime of health problems or death and many of those who binge drink are unaware of these dangers or that they have a problem.

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Combatting Alcoholism

The health dangers of excess drinking are many and it is not just liver disease that you have to tense about. Alcohol can as well affect your heart, brain and the immune system thus it is crucial to control your drinking to the supposed limits.

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Symptoms and Signs

The wellbeing dangers of substantial drinking are numerous and it is not recently liver ailment that you need to stress over. Alcohol can likewise influence your heart, cerebrum and the safe framework so it is essential to confine your toasting as far as possible.

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Treatment for Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol is believed to be the main cause for several "accidents" like car crashes, drownings and suicide attempts. These incidents could kill and hurt people, and not just the drinker. If you really have to social drink, maintain to drink slow and substitute it with water or juice. Ask for the help of driver, control yourself or ask for assistance so you do not walk or swim in dangerous places.


After taking a high quantity of alcohol for some time you can develop an addiction to it. Alcohol addiction can have a destructive effect on your life, health, and relationships. Your job can be affected as you are not able to perform optimally and there is a high possibility you could be fired which could result in financial challenges.

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Physchological Effects

When you cease consuming alcohol all over sudden, you could get physical withdrawal symptoms like trembling hands, perspiration, vomiting, hallucinations and in more severe cases, seizures. Amnesia, being depressed, being restless and being anxious are some of the physiological withdrawal symptoms that could go for three months.

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Opting for a medical detox can help ease the withdrawal symptoms of alcohol. For some suffering alcoholism that are very heavy drinkers will need a medical detox as it will be almost impossible to go it alone. A medical detox will provide the patient with medication and this is available through your GP or in severe cases through a Drug Rehab Bristol rehabilitation centre.

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Getting the Right Assistance From Alcohol Rehab Bristol

Alcohol intercession is a program intended to help each one of those included with a man experiencing alcohol abuse. Proficient gatherings are intended to pull everybody in the someone who is addicted coexistence to instruct them and give data about alcohol abuse. When everybody is prepared a meeting is planned with the someone who is addicted trying to motivate them to acknowledge they have an issue and help them proceed onward.

Overcoming Alcoholism

The aim of sobriety is attained through detox, rehab, counselling and education. Immediately an addict can recognize their habit the recuperation treatment can start with detoxification and take care of the withdrawal symptoms. Rehabilitation by counselling and medication while gaining the ability to stay sober is the subsequent step.

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Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol rehab works in stages including detox, personal therapy, group therapy. Alcohol Rehab Bristol understand that detoxification only will not attain soberness since there are other issues to take into account such as addiction and the psychological challenges that caused the dependence at the start.

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Addiction Counselling

Making the addicts to realise the things that urged them to take to alcohol by making them to come to terms with the reasons why they got addicted at the initial time is one of the major roles of addiction counselling. The best way to control the things that push them into alcohol consumption, and some individual programmes to combat it are given to the addicts by the counsellors, to ensure a longer period of sobriety.

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Medical Care from Alcohol Rehab Bristol

Inpatient rehab involves lodging at a centre for a period of three to twelve months, based on the intensity of your dependence. With most alcohol dependencies a medical detox is suggested to help reduce the withdrawal effects. The moment the detoxification is fully done, treatment proceeds with counselling and acquiring the ability to improve recovery and abstinence. Learn More
In the outpatient treatment arrangement, everything is made flexible, in the sense that treatment can be offered to the addict at home, while they go ahead with their work, education, and other activities. In the outpatient clinic, a non medical treatment that will include one or two counselling sessions a week will be okay. Learn More
Detox for alcohol poisoning can be risky particularly when the dependence has been serious over an extended period of time. Medical guidance and interaction may be needed to reduce withdrawal effects. During detox, a patient can be examined and a recovery plan can be developed for a successful recovery. Learn More
When alcohol is getting out of the system, then one gets withdrawal symptoms. For heavy addicts, this can cause a lot of discomfort and can last for months to the sporadic symptoms to come to an end. Fevers, getting easily tired, nightmares, being depressed, being anxious, nausea, trembling are some of the withdrawal symptoms. Learn More

Dependence on Alcohol in University

At university alcohol is by far the most popular and dangerous drug as it is easy to come by, relatively cheap and there is always a party on campus. Binge drinking is often undertaken by students, particularly those who have low self esteem, are stressed by their workload or need some Dutch Courage'. Excessive drinking and speed drinking are both detrimental to health and can be lethal.

Teens and Alcohol Problems

Due to the acceptance of alcohol in society, may teenagers abuse alcohol since they see it as something that is relatively harmless but the teenage brain can become dependent on alcohol much more easily so binge drinking can easily lead to addiction or long-term health problems.

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Who is Most Likely to Have an Alcohol Abuse Problem?

What many people assume is the image of the drug or alcohol addict is in fact wrong. Children of people with a substance abuse problem are in fact second in the list of people who usually have a substance abuse problem behind young with males. People who are highly sensitive to the effects of alcohol, people with high IQs and people with underlying mental issues such as depression are more likely to become substance abusers.